In your own home, you are free to be you. Sessions can involve:

  • observing family dynamics

  • parent and child counselling 

  • mediating 

  • solution-focused strategies

  • understanding the emotions behind the behaviour

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Or be seen in clinic

Family time

Erinnah Counselling is affiliated with the Institute of Sensitive Sleep Consulting - a specialist in-home coaching service with a gentle touch, for babies to adults. Prefer to come to the clinic? We have options to suit your family

Specialist Sleep Service
Child's play

Either in your home, or at our clinic, Kel works with all ages from infants to teens, taking on a whole family approach to support the child.

Sessions can include observing behaviour, engaging in play therapy, discussing parenting concerns, working one on one with child to help develop emotional intelligence and build resilience.



Gold Coast

in home or schools

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